Minor Members are really important to us!

We all know that children are little sponges...they learn to read, write, do arithmetic, play sports and perhaps music too. And it's our firm belief as a credit union, that good money skills should be among this core mix of early education.

Whether it's a few coins from the tooth fairy, money from a relative or pocket money, it's always good for them to know the value of money. And there's no better way to start then by opening a savings account for them with us.

Plus it can be a great way as a parent to help them build that bit of a war chest for when they're heading off to college, buying the first car or moving out for the first time.

Applications must be accompanied by:

Applications must be accompanied by:

  • Photographic Identification or birth certificate for your child/the child under your guardianship.
  • A signed letter confirming your relationship with the child. A template for which is available here: Download Template Minor Membership Application Letter)
  • Proof of residence for parent/guardian opening account - This must be a bill or bank statement addressed to the parent/legal guardian opening the account that is dated within the last 6 months.

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